Ethical Artisan Fashion

We understand mutual support as the basis for creating committed communities. This has led us to work in conjunction with Fuego Azul Arte, a company focused on contributing to the preservation of the Wixárika culture through collaboration with Huichol artisans and the promotion of their designs in garments made from cotton. Thus, we get involved in supporting the Huichol community of Jalisco with fair agreements and payments.

Together with Hoja al Viento We sell notebooks with handmade embroidery and unique designs that have been produced by women from Wixárika communities.

This project's initiative is to provide a decent job for artisans so that they can continue to develop without neglecting their ancestral traditions, while recognizing their work and their dedication to keeping alive the essence of the Huichol culture and the customs of their communities.

In addition, we participate in the multicultural festival: Earth colors , a space focused on the promotion and dissemination of traditions, culture and rights of the Wixárika people through artistic workshops of music, dance, drawing and painting for children and adolescents.

As an important part of this festival, space is given to the teaching of the permaculture to transmit the knowledge of their culture in the agricultural, economic and social area, which are always based on the characteristics of the natural ecosystems in which they inhabit.

With this, we promote the respect for nature at the same time that young people are given the necessary tools to develop professionally and help the community.

Through our participation, we have witnessed the impact that these spaces have on young people; We recognize the importance of the dissemination and preservation of Wixárika traditions and culture as this is the root of our identity and an essential part of the ancestral history of Mexico.