TAU Superfoods history

The TAU community was born from the intention of finding a balance between a life in constant movement and a complete state of well-being , always in harmony and starting from respect for nature . We are interested in rediscovering food based on its medicinal properties and maximizing its benefits through the proper consumption of each one.


Three years ago we approached the foods that have been an essential part of our daily diet until now. Live the changes of a healthy nutrition it was the first step in achieving the balance we had been looking for.


With each meal we discover ongoing benefits, from increased energy throughout the day to dramatic changes in our performance and mental health. By experiencing this evolution, and above all verifying that they are the effect of consumption of natural foods , we realized that our mission should be to share our experience and encourage more people to adopt a new lifestyle where it is organic outside the base.


From this new purpose the question arose: how can we generate that change in the lives of other people? We find the way forward through the teaching of the principles of food aso natural medicine for our body, mind and spirit.


Therefore, we focus on raising awareness based on this philosophy, making the ideal foods available to all to achieve a state of well-being and improve quality of life .


To ensure that the greatest benefits are obtained from each seed, fruit and grain, we work with 100 organic and national and international products, which have the certifications USDA Organic, SAGARPA and Mexico Cert . In addition, we adopt a zero waste model, through a glass package, as a solidarity initiative in favor of reducing waste.


As part of our effort to form socially engaged communities, we work alongside Fuego Azul Arte for the promotion of the cultural identity of Mexico through collaborative work with artisans from the Wixárika community of Jalisco. Thus, we intend to create spaces of recognition for the national artistic product and an environment that promotes the fair Trade for the Huichol community.


This is how TAU germinated, which, coming from the wixárika, represents the Sun, energy and the principle of life. For us, adopting it as our name is a way of honoring the Huichol community and the knowledge about the mindful eating that have been transmitted to us over the years and that have been the basis for the creation of our community.


TAU family