¿What is the philosophy of Tau Superfoods?

Our philosophy stems from our own experience of recognizing daily food as medicine for the body, mind and spirit. Promoting, from this, a conscious diet with the best super foods from all over the world, and that are the product of an organic and sustainable cultivation.

¿How your products are grown?

Our products are grown following organic and sustainable models, which support both the community that is responsible for their cultivation and the environment.

¿They are organic and natural products?

Yes, all the products that are part of TAU Superfoods are 100% natural, organic and free of genetic modifications, pesticides and artificial fertilizers..

¿What certifications do they have?

We ensure the quality of each food through our certifications: USDA Organic, SAGARPA, México Cert and KOSHER, so that you have the confidence of knowing what you are consuming.

¿What packaging do they use?

We have two product presentations. The first is in a food grade bag that has a resealable closure and is vacuum packed, so we keep the superfoods fresh and ready to eat. We also have a presentation in a food grade glass bottle that has a security seal.

¿What is ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion is the production and consumption of sustainable fashion, which does not generate a high negative impact on the environment and which seeks to have a positive social effect.

At TAU we work with Fuego Azul Arte and Hoja al viento, two socially committed companies, to generate and market fashion and ethical products with which we seek to support the preservation of the Wixárika culture and its traditions.

¿How I help society and the environment with my purchase?

With your purchase you support the sustainable production and commercialization of products grown by local and international communities, helping a conscious consumption.


¿Is there a minimum purchase 

No, in none of our products there is a minimum purchase.

¿There is a minimum purchase to have free shipping?

We have free shipping within Mexico on purchases of 999 mxn on any of our products..

¿I can buy without registering on the site?

Yes, to place your order it is not necessary to make a previous registration.

¿I can change my order after confirming the purchase?

To make a change of order it is necessary to contact the mail: sales@tausuperfoods.com to verify the availability of exchange of the chosen products.

¿What are the payment methods?

We have different payment methods so you can choose the most convenient for you: direct transfer, deposit to account and payment by Paypal.

¿They have a physical store?

At the moment we do not have fixed branches, but during your purchase process we will be in constant communication to generate a personalized and satisfactory experience.


¿Where can I buy your products?

You can buy our products on our website, Amazon or through our authorized resellers.

¿Where can I see the information about your products?

On our website you can find complete information about each of our products. Also, you can find information on the back of the packaging of our products.

¿How can I use your products?

Our products are very versatile, you can include them in juices, smoothies, smoothies, teas; They are ideal to complement desserts or for savory recipes, and some of our superfoods can be consumed as snacks throughout the day.

¿They sell products in bulk?

Yes, we have more than 70 products available for sale in bulk from 1 kg.

¿How can I buy products in bulk??

For bulk sales you can contact us by mail at: sales@tausuperfoods.com , for the quotation of your order and its shipment.


¿They have shipments throughout the Republic?

Yes, we have shipments to all of Mexico.

¿In how much time will my request be delivered?

Due to contingency, deliveries of our orders may vary. If the products you ordered are in stock, you will receive your order between 3 to 5 business days after your purchase. If the products are not available in stock, your order could take between 15 to 20 business days.

¿How much is the shipping?

Standard shipping is 130..

For distributors this price may vary depending on the weight of the order.

¿What packages do they use??

We work with Red Pack and Fedex.

¿They ship to other countries?

At the moment we only ship within Mexico.

¿How can I track my order?

After the maximum production period, 7 days, a guide is generated with the parcel sent to your location. You can request this guide number to our email: ventas@tausuperfoods.com, and we will send it to you as soon as possible.


¿I can distribute Tau Superfoods products?

Yes, we have two types of distributors ranked from their minimum purchase:

1 minimum purchase of 2,500mxn;n;

2 minimum purchase of 5,000mxn.n.

¿What are the benefits of being a distributor?

We have a preferential sale price for our distributors.

¿How can I be a distributor?

You can be part of our distributors by making a minimum purchase of 2,500mxn..

¿What are the requirements to be a distributor?

Only make a minimum purchase of 2,500mxn..